Sziget Festival, Budapest

I’m baaaack!

It feels like I’ve been away for months! Sziget was crazy amazing, I think I’m almost recovered and ready to relive everything with you all.

Sziget has got to be one of the prettiest festivals EVER. Seriously, everywhere you look it’s bursting with lights, lanterns and quirky installations… my camera storage is pretty full right now.

I’ll start with the main reason we went to Budapest… SZIGET (I love the name so much). Sziget festival is on an island, basically in the middle of Budapest, so we really got the best of both and Budapest is such a beautiful city to visit. I don’t really know what I was expecting from Budapest, I hadn’t done much research before I left so I guess I was kinda surprised at how beautiful it really was.  We had planned to stay at the festival for eight nights and then have our final night in an apartment in the city… but camping in a really hot, stuffy and very small (seriously tiny) tent for the whole eight nights proved difficult (if anything a bit disgusting) so we packed up after six nights and booked somewhere in the city for the last two nights. To be fair I’m pretty impressed I managed six nights in that tent, I wouldn’t say I’m much of a camper.

I won’t ramble on too much, I think the photos speak for themselves! But I do just want to say that I had the most amazing time with my four girls and that I would 100% recommend Sziget to anyone!!!


I’ve got so many photos, literally hundreds so it’s been kinda difficult to pick my favourites, but I really wanted to capture how cool the actual festival was. Everywhere was so full of colour and light, I particularly loved all the lanterns and umbrellas… so dreamy.


Also this might be a bit boring of me to comment but it was really clean!! When I think of festivals I think the opposite of clean, so  I was pleasantly surprised (I also became a bit of a clean freak whilst away, hand sanitising like every five minutes… I think my friends definitely noticed this habit).








One thing I love about Sziget is that it’s so artistic.


We did so much in nine days, its so hard to condense it all down into one post!! One thing that I should definitely talk about though, is the music… of course!! We saw so many incredible acts but I think my top five were probably Tinie Tempah, John Newman, MO, Bastille aaaaand probably Sia because she was so different.







My gorge friend Katie looking super serious… I was being creepy photographer here.


My gorgeous friend Jaya looking super cute with her pink locks and glitter.



So we ended up spending two full days in Budapest which we hadn’t actually planned but it was kinda great because we got to see pretty much everything that the city had to offer. Budapest is a really beautiful city with so many AMAZING buildings! My photos really don’t do them justice AT ALL, but the parliament building which is the big one on the river is ridiculously amazing, especially at night when its all lit up and golden. We got a boat back to Sziget one day so got a really great view of the parliament building! Also I neeeeed to mention one thing that we did, actually on the first day of our holiday, which was visiting one of Budapest’s many Spas. Sounds strange to do that when you’ve just arrived at a festival, but there wasn’t a lot going on the first day of Sziget because people were just setting up, so we took the opportunity to go and relax in one of the thermal spas which we got free with our city pass. Oh just a quickie… if you do go to Sziget I would defo recommend buying the city pass. It was something like 30 Euros and allows you to use all public transport around Budapest and to the festival for thirteen days for free! Anyway, we went to Rudas Baths which was a huge spa with a rooftop thermal pool. It was so much fun and amazing to look out over Budapest!



On our final day we went a bit cultured (which is not like us) and visited the Royal Palace, The Picasso museum and the Matthias Church, all topped off with a very civilised alfresco dinner!  I really enjoyed our last day, it was so nice to chill out after a crazy week partying.


This was the Matthias Church and I just think it’s so beautiful with it’s white stone walls and to be fair pretty funky tiled roof.







Hosok Tere is a tourist must in Budapest, it’s kind of hard to miss is anyway when you’re travelling round.


On our last night we went to a roof top bar called 360 Bar, defo worth a visit if you’re ever in Budapest!! My aim of any holiday is to have a really good Pinacolada… this one was so flippin good!! And of course it came with the most spectacular view across Budapest with the sun setting. We also had a few cocktails in some of the ruin bars, which I would also recommend! They’re kinda quirky and have really interesting cocktail menus… I’m a sucker for anywhere a bit different with a varied cocktail selection.


These photos are a mere snippet from our holiday! But Hopefully I’ve made it sound as amazing as it really was. It was so lovely to go away with my four best friends, the last time we holidayed together was four years ago!  Sziget really was so much fun and I’m sure we’ve got plenty more glittery holidays to come together.



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