Aaaahhhmaazing Autumnal Soup

Autumn’s here!! and I’m fully embracing the transition, I looove to get those layers on, wrap up warm and most importantly eat ALL the soup in the world.

There’s something about this time of year that feels so exciting!! When the trees are turning red and gold, and the weather gets that little bit chillier, for me there’s nothing more comforting than my spicy butternut soup… it was made for Autumn!


If you follow me on snapchat I apologise because you’ll probably be so bored of seeing me make this soup, I literally make it on a weekly.. but trust me, there’s a reason I make it so often. I know you know how much I adore baking, but I really really enjoy cooking too. Living at home with my family, I cook the dinner every day, it’s a job that I naturally took on as I just love it, but also because I’m better than anyone else in my family and I want a decent meal (I don’t think my mum would mind me saying that).

If you’re going to make any recipe that I post on here, MAKE THIS SOUP!!! I cannot tell you how easy it is, and I guarantee you’ll be making it again and again.


As much as I love to indulge in sweet treats, I do try to keep them for the weekend. A weekday is always a lot healthier for me, I think it’s good to have a balance for sure. I’m DEFINITELY not saying that my weekday food isn’t just as scrummy… I flippin love fruit and veg and this recipe IS NOT short of the latter!


How cute are these weenie little pumpkins, they are the cutest, too cute to eat- so I’ve made a little Autumnal display on my dressing table in my room… again can’t explain how much I want my own house so that I can upgrade my festive displays.

I think I’ve rambled on for long enough… here’s the recipe.

You will need…

– 1 Butternut Squash

– 3 small or 2 big Sweet Potato

– 1 Large Onion

– Olive Oil

– 2 Cloves Garlic

– 1 Red Chilli

– 1 Carrot

– 2 Chicken Stock Cubes (I use oxo)

– 2 tsp Smoked Paprika

– 1 tsp Mild Chilli Powder

– Sea salt (any salt will do)

– Pepper

– A Couple of Splashes of Milk

– Parmesan to Finish (optional)

– You will also need a hand held blender, I’ve got a really cheap one- I think it was Sainsbury’s basic- I use it to death!


Let’s do this..

– Chop an onion into small pieces and add with a generous splash of olive oil to a pan, cook down on a medium heat. Once the onion has softened, chop and add the garlic. I always take the pan off of the heat to begin with just so that the heat isn’t too much and doesn’t burn the garlic. Stir round and then add the chopped chilli. Chillies do all vary with heat so I always taste a bit before I chop just to gauge how much I want to put in… I like a good kick but not too much so if the chilly tastes quite hot I normally only add about half.. seeds n’all.

– Add the smoked paprika and chilli powder to the pan, stir and continue to cook on a low heat.

– Whilst that’s ticking away, it’s time to chop the butternut squash (this is the most annoying part of this recipe, but I’ve got my method down now). I always start by slicing the top off (where the stalk once was) then I slice in half length ways so that you have two long sides of the squash. Scrape out the seeds in both pieces. ┬áSit each half down with the flat edge against the worktop, then chop roughly 2cm chunks all the way across, so you end up with lots of pieces that look sort of like half moons with one side that is the peel. With a knife cut out the flesh of the squash, discarding the peel. Once all of the peel is off of each piece, chop each one about 2-3 time to make roughly 2cm cubes.

– Peel the Sweet potatoes and chop into roughly the same size chunks as the butternut squash.

– Chop a carrot into 1cm discs, I don’t bother peeling.

– Add the squash, sweet potato and carrot to the pan, then add the two stock cubes on top. Pour in boiling water (over the stock cubes so that they dissolve) until the water just cover all the veg.

– Turn up the heat and leave to bubble away for about half an hour or until the veg is soft.

– Once the veg is soft, take the pan off of the heat and blend with your hand held blender until smooth with no chunks of veg (No matter what I always find one chunk at the end!). Stir in a couple of splashes of milk to taste, season with salt and pepper (I add a fair amount of salt and pepper which isn’t great health wise but I do it till I can really taste everything). Taste and season until you’re happy!

-I normally grate a bit of Parmesan to serve, only if I have some- it’s not necessary.

Serve with a nice loaf of bread, my fave is sourdough with this soup, I love sourdough and butter dunked into the soup.. is it rude to dunk?? Well it’s not in my house.



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