DIY Pom Pom Baby Bunting

This post is a little different for me…but I NEEDED to share this because I absolutely loved doing it!

If you haven’t already guessed, I love a pom pom! On anything really… I mean it’s in my blog name so it’d be rude not to feature them some way some how in a post.


Right now I am SUPER excited because my cousin is about to have a baby, literally any minute!! And I really wanted to give something special before baby’s born.  So with a little help from Pinterest (Pinterest is just the best for everything) I decided to make a pom pom bunting.

It took me sooooooo long to decide on the colours because we don’t know whether the baby’s a girl or a boy which is even more exciting. But after a ridiculous amount of time looking at wool,  I decided to just go with all different colours and I quite liked having some pastel and some bright.

I found making pom poms so therapeutic! It did take me a while to make the whole thing but I just made a few while watching TV in the evenings for about two weeks… I think I made about 63 pom poms in total (my fingers knew it by the end).

I definitely recommend buying a pom pom maker, they are an absolute life saver!! Never try and make 63 pom poms with two circles of cardboard… I think I’d still be making them now.  I bought the smallest one I could find and it made the perfect little baby pom poms.


All you will need is…

1 pom pom maker, 1 pair of really sharp scissors (I bought some tiny embroidery scissors) and your choice of wool.


Making pom poms is super easy so I won’t bore you with a step by step guide, YouTube is the best place to go for that.





img_7212Stephanie and Owen have decorated the baby’s room to be so gorgeous, I don’t think my photos do the cuteness justice. I’m so happy that they liked the pom poms, I think they look so adorable. I’d like to wish them both all the happiness in the world, I SERIOUSLY can’t wait to meet little baby Bennett… come on baby!!!


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