Salted Caramel HEAVEN!!

Eeeeerrrmmmm yaaaasss, today’s post is all about the beautiful thing that is SALTED CARAMEL. Obvs, salted caramel isn’t anything out of the ordinary, it’s pretty much everywhere nowadays… and so it should be! It’s one of the best things to happen to baked goods, even better smothered on ice cream, soooo yeah I’m a fan.

Caramel’s something that I really love making, it’s just so flippin easy, and kinda therapeutic,  watching just sugar and water turn that gorge amber colour.

This week, I made salted caramel to smother between the layers of an oh so scrumptious chocolate cake. I’m making a birthday cake for my cousin’s 18th, aaaand yeah, of course I’ve designed the most decadent cake ever, I think it’s going to be reeeaallly tasty even if I do say so myself. But salted caramel is amazing on pancakes, ice-cream, or even just on it’s own! Of course, I wouldn’t be eating this too often, but for a weekend treat, or every once in a while, it’s blooming perfect.

Here’s how you make it, it really is so simple…

You will need:

-220g Caster sugar

– 6 tbsp. Water

– 245ml Double cream

– A good pinch (to taste) of good quality sea salt

All you need to do is add the sugar and water to a pan, mix to combine, then place on a medium heat and watch it bubble, DO NOT be tempted to stir! Just leave it to do it’s delicious thing. It will gradually change from a transparent mixture, to a deep amber caramel, it should take about 5-8 minutes.

Once it’s a lovely amber colour, take off of the heat and immediately add the cream, mix whilst steadily pouring in the cream. Add the salt, I must admit I add quite a lot, but I taste it as I add.

And that’s it!! It’s really that simple.


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