You Can Be My Cherry Pie

This weeks recipe is a good old classic, and EVERYTHING is alright about that!

Sometimes, all that’s needed is something honest, simple, and oh so comforting, especially on a stormy February day, so I decided I’d make my boyfriend’s fave… cherry pie.

I love making pastry, but for some reason, so many people think it’s quite difficult… it’s really not, it’s v easy indeed and who doesn’t love a pie.

This was just what the doctor ordered on a lazy Sunday afternoon, and even though my pastry looked slightly anaemic (I don’t know why when I covered it in milk to turn golden), it all tasted loveleh just the same!

Here’s how to make it…

You will need:

– 350g Plain flour

– 200g Unsalted butter

– 50g Icing sugar

– 2 Large egg yolks

– 2 Tbsp Icy (or really cold) water

– Cherries (I used 1 bag of frozen cherries)

-To make the pastry, place the flour, butter (in small chunks), and icing sugar in a bowl and rub together with your hands (or in a food processor) until the mixture resembles breadcrumbs. Then add the egg yolk and water and mix until the ingredients stick together in clumps.

– Tip the mixture onto a floured worktop and gather into a ball with your hands (if the mixture is too wet add a little more flour). Knead the mixture a couple of times to make a smooth ball. Don’t knead too much because pastry is better when handled less.

– At this stage I advise wrapping the pastry in cling and chilling in the fridge for ten to fifteen minutes.

– Preheat the oven to 200C.

– Remove pastry from the fridge and divide in two, I weighed my dough so that I could divide exactly in half. Roll out the first ball into a circle bigger than your tin or pie dish. My top tip for rolling out into an almost perfect circle is to firstly, have a very even ball of dough, then instead of rolling continuously, do just one roll forwards and back then pick the dough up and turn 90 degrees and continue to do just one roll at a time. when the dough gets a bit too flimsy to pick up just place your rolling pin across the middle of your pastry circle and fold half over the rolling pin and pick up and place down again.

– Once all rolled out (not too thinly) place carefully into your tin (pick the pastry up using your rolling pin again). Carefully press the pastry into the corners and sides of the tin, you should have pastry that drapes over the sides of the tin, don’t chop this off yet.

– Place your cherries in a bowl and add a tbsp. of flour and sugar, mix to combine. add your cherry mix to your pie and spread evenly.

– Roll out the lid of your pie, the same way you did with the bottom. I then cut out heart shapes, but you could just slash some lines to let the steam out as it bakes.

– Brush the rim of the pie with water, then place the lid over and press around the rim to stick together. Pinch the edges then using a sharp knife or scissors trim the excess pastry that hangs over the edges. Brush the pie with milk then bake for 20-25 minutes or until golden.

Serve once it’s cooled slightly. I enjoyed mine with ice-cream and some of my salted caramel. If you fancy making salted caramel, take a look at my previous post.

Are you an ice-cream or custard with pie kinda person?? lemme know.




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