Oh So Chocolatey Triple Chocolate Celebration Cake Part 1

OH heeeyyyy, it’s been a while!

Although I haven’t posted in what feels like FOREVER, I’ve for sure been busy in the old kitchen!! The past couple of weeks seem to have been celebration after celebration, meaning I’ve been both baking, and eating A LOT of cake. To be fair I’ve not eaten that much, I managed to get one generous slice from this v delish, ooooh so chocolatey Birthday cake I made for my Uncle. It was quite frankly DIviiine (no point in being modest eh).

Before this year, I’ve not really been into making chocolate cakes all that much. Generally, I’m a lover of all things fruity, so that was for sure my bag. HOWEVER, after perfecting a recipe that includes an extra special ingredient, I’m all about that ridiculously rich, oh so decadent, chocolate cake (also the moistest cake I’ve ever eaten).

I feel like this cake is made for celebrations! It wouldn’t be something to whip up a casual Sunday afternoon that’s for sure! Mainly because it’s one of THE MOST expensive cakes I’ve ever made, it’s legit got about 5 bars of dark chocolate in it, which I think itself cost a tenner. So yeah, not one for just any old occasion. But when you know a lot of people are going to be eating your cake (30 to be precise) you want to give em all you’ve got.

I absolutely loved every bit of making this cake. One of my fave things is designing big ol cakes like this one in my little note book. The chocolate buttercream was a dream to spread, and everything came together how I’d planned.

This cake served about 30 people, If you’re looking for a celebration cake similar to this, feel free to check out my celebration cake enquiries page.


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