Victoria Sponge Celebration Cake Part 2

Following on from my chocolate celebration cake, I’ve also been busy making this v special, Victoria sponge for my Dad’s retirement/birthday. Although my dad specifically asked for a Victoria sponge, this obvs isn’t an ordinary one. Well you only retire once eh!

Besides baking, I really love making jam. I almost always make my own jam now if I’m filling a cake, it just tastes sooo much fresher. I love how sharp the raspberry flavour is, especially when you’ve got a whole lotta sweetness to go with it. For this cake I made my signature raspberry jam, and then made a seedless one to decorate.

For the best Victoria sponge I use stork spread, not butter. Fyi, Mary Berry uses stork for her Victoria sponges, and I definitely think it gives the best results! I then made a vanilla buttercream to top, along with my jam, freeze dried raspberries, and red fondant, which I spread the seedless jam over to give a reflective, glossy finish. It was also so satisfying smoothing out the jam round the sides of the cake, it reminded me of when I painted using a palette knife.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my two part celebration cake posts! I haven’t added the recipes because I’d literally be here all day, but if you’re interested in my celebration cakes, do keep me in mind- check out my celebration cake enquiries page for more¬†information.


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