A Week In Dorset | The Jurassic Coast


If after this post you’re not convinced that a British staycation makes a great summer getaway, well then… I don’t know what would!

Of course, it’s so so lovely to travel around the world, I absolutely love it. BUT there’s so many amazing things to see and do right on our doorstep. I honestly have so much fun, and see some of the most beautiful sights on my family holidays to the coast, so I thought I’d share a snippet of beautiful Dorset.

We were v v lucky with the weather, it was mostly sunny all week, and I even managed a couple of days in a bikini on the beach. The Dorset coast is absolutely gorgeous, you can walk all the way along if that’s your thing, needless to say we didn’t, but we definitely caught some amazing, amazing sights.

Any trip away, I can be sure to seek out the best little shops to explore! Our cottage was situated in an ideal location, with so many gorge places so close. Lyme Regis was a ten minute car journey away and was well worth a visit. Not only does it have a beautiful harbour and beach, it also has a perfect little town (like one road, these places are so tiny) with super cute shops, ideal for a little holiday browse.

The first shop on my hit list was Ryder & Hope, this shop was so me, I spotted it as soon as we drove through Lyme Regis and wouldn’t shut up about it all morning. It was THE coolest little lifestyle shop ever, and to my delight stocked a rather extensive collection of my favourite jewellery by Alex Monroe.

Sorry but a pink sink is going to be completely necessary in my future home.

As much as I could talk about shopping for, well.. a long time, our day at Lyme Regis was extra fun for other reasons. We went sea fishing!!!

Literally, as soon as we went out to sea the clouds rolled in, nevertheless it was so so fun! Sean caught two mackerel, and to his delight I caught none… in fact I was the only person on the boat not to catch anything, but it was still really exciting, and really addictive!! I wanted to go again so that I could catch something.

If you ever take a trip to Dorset (which you 100% need to) you HAVE to go to Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove. Durdle Door is a limestone arch surrounded by gorgeous beaches and cliffs. It’s one of THE most amazing and breath-taking (literally, the path back up the hill is a killer) sights I’ve ever seen, especially on a glorious sunny day, which we so luckily had.

The sea was so clear, shining that gorgeous turquoise colour, it was hard to believe we weren’t somewhere on the Mediterranean coast, but you only have to turn around and see the rolling green hills and you’re back in the English countryside.

Go anywhere in Dorset and you’re likely to see a Purbeck ice-cream stall. I tried Purbeck ice-cream at Chelsea Flower show, and had it in my mind ever since that I needed to find some on holiday. My search wasn’t a long one, it’s literally everywhere. Purbeck is by far THE BEST ice-cream I’ve ever EVER had. I would recommend the stem ginger, and salted caramel.. so so good.

Lulworth Cove is another must see in Dorset. Set a short walk away from Durdle Door, in the most picturesque village I’ve ever seen. A lot of the houses in Dorset are thatched, we stayed in a thatched cottage in Chideock (another v cute village), but the houses in Lulworth are on another level.

Onto Chideock, which is the village we stayed in. Chideock is literally just one cottage crammed road, with a few tiny lanes leading off. All the cottages are thatched with beautiful gardens and flower filled fronts. It’s a perfect holiday location, close to so many neighbouring villages and places to visit.  It has two pubs along the main road, both with a great selection of homemade, locally sourced food and drink. We definitely recommend The George Inn (which was right opposite our cottage) especially for their Thursday Pizza night, and their ridiculously amazing homemade puddings.

A 15 minute walk down a lane, and you get to Sea Town. We spent quite a few evenings at The Anchor Inn, sitting outside with a drink, taking in the amazing coastal views. The food looked amazing here, and I believe Jamie Oliver had been filming at The Anchor the previous week.

Of course, the sun didn’t hold out all week. But we made the most of our time, going on walks, grabbing a drink in cute little coffee shops, and checking out local art and produce. We especially loved the local farm shop just down the road from Chideock.

The warm weather returned for our last day, so we took a trip to Weymouth. Weymouth is a very traditional seaside town, with a huge sandy beach. The sand and shallow sea stretches for miles, it’s definitely worth a visit, especially on a warm sunny day, it’s so so gorge.

Dorset is the perfect staycation destination, I’ll 100% be returning at some point to explore more of its beautiful sights.

I hope you enjoyed this rather long post! It was pretty easy to take gorgeous photos when the scenery was this beautiful! Don’t forget to check out my other posts, and look out for more baking coming soon.


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